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Poshmark Closet Clear Out – What Is It?

Poshmark Closet Clear Out Days

Let’s talk a little about what Poshmark Calls Closet Clear Out Or CCO for short.

Poshmark has put some standard promotions in place for both Buyer and Seller to use. Closet Clear Out (CCO) is one of them so let’s talk about exactly what it is and how it can benefit you.

Every Friday and Sunday it’s CCO at Poshmark, I love CCO.

As both a seller and buyer I look forward to CCO because it gives us a chance to get some discounts on those regular shipping charges we all dislike. First let’s talk about how it benefits the buyer.

Closet Clear Out For The Buyer

As a buyer you can shop closets and if you like an item you can click on the small heart icon below that item, to do 2 things. First it allows you to easily find that item by saving it in your likes folder. Second it signals the seller that you like the item and if the seller plans on reducing the item in the future you will get notified that they made that reduction.

On those special days CCO if the seller reduces the price by at least 10% you, the buyer, will get notified in your news feed of the price drop and for the next few hours (usually 6 hrs) and you will get reduced or even free shipping on Poshmark. This means Posh is picking up some of the shipping cost for you. Great Right!

Poshmark Closet Clear Out

Check your news feed for price drops!

I tell customers to be sure and log in several different times a day on CCO days to see if items they liked have been reduced so they do not miss out on that shipping discount.

Closet Clear Out For The Seller

As a seller, CCO gives us the chance to give our customers a better deal and reduced shipping without having to pay the additional shipping ourselves. Who doesn’t like that?

I often tell customers ahead of time if they liked an item, say on Thursday, that if they want to come back Friday I can arrange a price drop for them and simply explain they will get reduced shipping too. This has lead to many sales for me.

I LOVE CCO Both as a Buyer and as a Seller. Make sure you take full advantage of this feature Posh offers to get the best deals! I guarantee you too will look at Fridays and Sundays differently once you do.

Happy Poshing to all!

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