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Ebay Listing Tool – If It Ain’t Broke..

The Ebay Way

The Old adage “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” is completely unknown to Ebay. They live by another adage:

“If it ain’t broke – then fix it the Ebay way so it really IS BROKE!”

Well ebay has again made another BIG change that affects sellers. They tossed out the perfectly good Ebay listing tool used to list pages for something new. And again, the response from the seller community is, well mixed. Like a soup recipe, you have the soup – and then you have a “dash” or a “pinch” of seasoning. Let me say if you sell on ebay then you can decide for yourself.

eBay is forcing them (sellers) to use a new listing tool that they say makes the job of adding items for sale more difficult.

Ebay says about the new, completely new, listing tool “Using the new tool is easy. From the listing summary page you’ll see listing options such as condition, photos, videos and delivery.”

OK, those things have always been there. It’s just the Damn Balloons! Half of the information you need to fill in – when you click on it a Balloon pops up. As if you’re doing it for the first time. If your internet connection, or computer is a bit slow then it slows down the whole process.

What are seasoned Ebay sellers saying in the forums (even Ebay’s own forum) about the New Tool? Generally to date, many sellers are saying it “Sucks”, “Takes much longer to list 1 item…” – the “Soup”. Others are saying it’s not that bad – get used to it – the “Pinch” of seasoning resignation.

Those Damn Ebay Listing Tool Balloons

Smarter Then Ebay

As for our shops, we use a listing tool that has worked quite well, as one listing form/page allows us to posts an item for sale on our Ebay stores and our own website. It costs a bit, but we have the joy of letting the listing tool people deal with the latest changes, or “fixes” on ebay.

Selling on Ebay can be like a scary rollercoaster ride!

Meanwhile, here we go another dip in the ebay sales rollercoaster. A ride many if not most small to medium sellers ride often no matter how many times it makes them puke. Ebay sales are down and the stock market shows it.

EBay projected second-quarter revenue to come in between $2.35 billion and $2.4 billion, implying a slowdown of 9% to 7% year over year.
The company also gave a weak earnings forecast for the current quarter. It said it expects 87 cents to 91 cents in adjusted earnings per share, while analysts had expected $1.01 per share.

Looks like Ebays financial report is Broke! Let’s see if they can Fix that !

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