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The Truth About Poshmark FREE SHIPPING

Why Poshmark Shipping is such a GREAT DEAL!

We all love free shipping, myself included. After all who doesn’t want something for free? However the old sayings are true: “there is no such thing as  a free lunch“ and “you get what you pay for“.

We have been selling on Poshmark and other sites for a very long time. One of the biggest complaints we hear about Poshmark is “their shipping is to high“. But let’s take a look at the facts and you will see why I believe it’s a great deal.

As of the time of this writing Poshmark’s flat fee for shipping is $7.45 FOR UP TO 5 Pounds.

How does that compare? We live in Michigan so I will use our rates as a comparison.

  • If I ship a 5 pound Priority Mail package to the West Coast the cost is $21.96
  •  If I ship a 5 pound Priority Mail package to Florida or lower east coast the cost is $16.87

Wow a big difference from the Poshmark’s $7.45.

Is There A Catch?

But you say if I buy only one item on Posh and it weighs under a pound I could get a cheaper rate going First Class Package, and your right. However consider this -A 15 oz package going first class to the west coast will cost $5.98 a difference of only $1.47  AND …. This is a big one, you have no insurance on that package going First class, unless you pay extra. Insurance starts at $2.30, so now your package costs $8.28….. oops that’s more than Poshmark.

Let’s also face the fact that not many items weigh under a pound. Yes some jewelry items or a ladies’ blouse or maybe two blouses. However a pair of shoes in the box or a pair of jeans are going to put you over a pound, and Priority Mail STARTS at $7.70.

Poshmark has also put in place ways to get reduced shipping. Some of those ways are as follows:

  1. Seller can pay part or all of the shipping for you, and many do when you bundle a few items.
  2. Every Friday and Sunday they have what is called Closet Clear Out Day. On these days the seller has the option to reduce the price on an item and any buyer who has LIKED that item will get reduced shipping FROM POSH for 6 hours. The item has to be at least $10.00 after the price drop to qualify. Higher priced items such as a purse over 200.00 will actually get FREE SHIPPING after price drop.
  3. The buyer can have an item set up with reduced shipping automatically. In this case on the item’s main photo you will see a little icon of a mail truck. This icon indicates that they have reduced shipping in place for the buyer. ( below is an example of a listing from @thecolorcoder that has that reduced shipping icon )

I hope all these numbers, and I know there were a lot, will help you realize what I have been saying all along. Poshmark has a great shipping rate!

Remember to Bundle for even more great savings, maybe even that FREE SHIPPING we all LOVE LOL.

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