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Update On The Dollar Tree Stores Soaring Prices

What used to be a typical Dollar Tree is now 25% more…

Today I will walk out of my local Dollar Tree paying $50.00 for the same things that cost me $40.00 yesterday.

– Branning

Several weeks ago we wrote about the fact that the Dollar Tree chain of discount price stores will be raising the price of most items in the stores to $1.25, and we talked about what that really means (see “Dollar Tree Prices Soar”…). Some will say “What’s 25 cents, it’s not a big deal”. Well we said it Is A Very Big Deal! However at the time of the article the price hikes hadn’t hit my local store.

Twenty Five Cents more is a Twenty Five Percent Increase on Everything At The Dollar Store

Well here’s an update; The whopping 25% Dollar Tree price jump has now hit home. Yes, my local Dollar Tree will cost me $10.00 more for every $40.00 I spend. Today I will walk out of my local Dollar Tree paying $50.00 for the same things that cost me $40.00 yesterday. Or used to spend I should say because I will now be shopping elsewhere whenever possible. As was mentioned in the earlier news bit, an inflation matching 5 or 6 percent would be reasonable – but not TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!

My local Dollar Tree proudly announces a whopping 25% price increase – More than 3 Times current inflation rates.

Way to go Michael A. Witynski (President and Chief Executive Officer of Dollar Tree, Inc) Last year, 2021, he made $3,731,690 as a salary plus $7,088,690 received as Equity for a total of over $10 Million as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director at Dollar Tree Inc. For just One Year!
(see “Dollar Tree CEO—Who Made Over $10 Million Last Year—Blames Inflation for Price Hike to $1.25” – Common Dreams reader-supported independent news outlet)

Factoid: On November 23, 2021, it was announced that Dollar Tree plans to raise its prices from a dollar for typical items to $1.25 in response to… pressure from investors to raise prices.

Michael caught at the club of
Lake Gaston Bass Holes

The Dollar Tree price increase is over 3 time the current already high inflation rate. So the next time I pass a Dollar Tree you’ll probably see me “Run Past the Dollar Tree”

BTW: If you want to keep shopping there and pay way more for the same thing –
Then more power to ‘ya.

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