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What’s Less Is More And eBay Videos

Both eBay And The Postal Service Have Something New

The other day my wife said she had noticed the delivery of U.S. Post Office packages we ship to customers slowing down a lot. And that was 2 weeks before Christmas! Some priority mail packages have been out for delivery at least 10 days and not yet showing as delivered, according to USPS tracking.

United States Postal Service

Earlier this year the Postal Service announced seasonal price increases. The seasonal price hikes will last till Dec. 26, 2021. The range of increase is from $ .25 to $5.00 per package on priority mail. And New Service Standards Changes will slow some letters and packages. Delivery on about 30% of these items will take longer. You can read about these changes below:

U.S. Postal Service Announces Proposed Temporary Rate Adjustments for 2021 Peak Holiday Season… Read More

U.S. Postal Service New Service Standards – What you need to know about the United States Postal Service® Plan to achieve financial sustainability… Read More

Congress And Me Are Skeptical Of The Changes

Slower delivery service on packages during the holiday season AND a price increase; NOT a good way to increase Post Office business and revenue. No wonder Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was “grilled” before congress about his DELIVERING FOR AMERICA plan. Delivering packages slower and costlier at the busiest time of year. FedEx and UPS are looking better and better every time Dejoy makes a new plan.

Under Pressure, Postmaster General Calls For Changes To Mail Delivery

I Need More Money $

Déjà Video – eBay Says What It Once Cancelled Is Something New

EBay has something new for sellers that is not new. eBay allows Stores to post Videos. Actually the announcement was made on March 31st of this year, but with everything new on eBay, sellers become the product debuggers. Here’s what eBay had to say.

“Video is the next step in our ongoing efforts to help you deliver more engaging shopping experiences to your current and new buyers.”… “As part of this effort, we’re introducing video capability for listings and storefronts.“

eBay video in listings is new

Sellers will have the option to upload their product videos to eBay which will then show up in the second thumbnail with a play button.

Well I don’t know where eBay gets off saying “Video is the next step in our ongoing efforts” – because we have a Youtube channel which I set up specifically for eBay videos – 9 YEARS AGO! Later they stopped videos over “security concerns”. That eBay is constantly changing as C.E.O.’s and heads of departments come and go is also nothing new. Having said that, we probably won’t be using videos much on our listings, and I certainly won’t be uploading them to EBay. Maybe they are thinking of monetizing that like so much else. Think of a fee on sales tax, that’s just crazy.

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