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Ecommerce Update: Ebay’s Big Sale; Mercari’s Big Fees; Amazon’s Big Bogus

Will Ebay Follow Its Own Return Policy?

As far as a big sale on Ebay, it’s the biggest. In fact Ebay is selling itself. Or more precisely it is selling off a piece of itself.

“Ebay will sell an 80% stake in its business in South Korea for $3.1 billion to a group of investors that includes E-Mart, the largest physical retailer in the country, and the internet portal Naver,”

It is reported that eBay was the third-largest e-commerce company in South Korea last year, with a market share of about 13%. The news of the sale was reported in the Financial Times. A spokesperson for eBay declined to comment on the report.

Now, what if the there is some ‘buyer’s remorse’ later. Will Ebay give the buyer all the benefit of the doubt and give a No Questions Asked refund. Or what if Ebay South Korea gets lost in transit? Guaranteed refund even when the seller shows a tracking number as received Ebay. Oh well, enough fun there.

Run To Mercari To Escape Ebay Not Such A Good Idea

Many sellers have run from ecommerce websites such as Ebay, Etsy and Amazon to escape what they see as ever increasing fees, and rules that are too many, too harsh and too stupid. Well if they ran to Mercari to get away from all that, they may be having second thoughts.

Seems that back in October of last year, Mercari increased the cost of selling on its site by adding 2.9% + $0.30 on top of their already 10% flat fee. Social media lit up, with most comments being well, stuff I’d rather not repeat here. So where will the next ecommerce nirvana be? How about a neighborhood garage sale via Zoom.

Can you say “Ebay déjà vu”?

Amazon Reviews – Real Or A Big Fake

Forget about fake or knockoff products for sale on Amazon. Fake reviews are increasing every day and are plaguing Amazon like ‘Frogs on Pharaoh’. In 2020, Amazon identified more than 200 million fake reviews on its site before they were published. Also that year the online retailer says it had “ramped up operations to detect and prevent them over time.”

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone for 2021, but fake Amazon reviews just keep coming.

In a recent blog post, Amazon says it has noticed a trend of customers posting fake reviews to social media sites. And Amazon believes it takes an average of five days for social media platforms to remove them when notified by the company.

Fake reviews deceive customers, fake online reviews can also hurt competitive offerings from honest smaller businesses and can jeopardize their profits. If you sell on Amazon you should be concerned.


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