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Etsy Buys, Zuckerberg Runs, Mail Gets Pokey, Jeff’s No Fun

Last week we told you that Ebay is selling off a chunk of itself for $3.1 billion dollars. Well it seems that ecommerce company Etsy is doing the opposite. Last week Etsy said that it would acquire Elo7, a private peer-to-peer Brazilian e-commerce marketplace for handmade items, for $217 million in cash. Now people in Brazil can buy “handmade” stuff from China like the rest of us.

Note: a Peer-To-Peer ecommerce marketplace is more or less a Business-To-Consumer ecommerce site.

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Off In Washington

The Federal Trade Commission and a group of 48 state attorneys general sued Facebook in December, accusing the company of crushing competition by swallowing rivals including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Well the case has been dismissed so Mark Zuckerberg gets some relief. However under President Biden, some of the technology sectors most outspoken critics have been appointed to prominent positions. Lina Khan, has been appointed FTC chairwoman, and she recently helped write a sweeping 449-page report for House Democrats that outlined the case for paring back the power of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Yet the suits dismissal led to this comment from Facebook…

“We are pleased that today’s decisions recognize the defects in the government complaints filed against Facebook,” – Facebook spokesperson Christopher Sgro.

Look out Mark,
it’s not over yet.

The dismissal cites some ‘technicalities’, and another “whack” at Facebook/Zuckerberg is most likely in the works.

First Class Mail Hits The Brakes

The United States Postal Service wants to save money. How? Just don’t be in such a hurry. Both First Class Mail AND First Class Package Service are now the target of U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. He thinks that by slowing down the mail it won’t’ cost as much to deliver it. What about the cost to business and consumers that depend on timely delivery of the mail? What about sellers like you ! ?

That’s what members of Congress want to know and are asking for a different route to save the Post Office money. The concern of many in Congress is that slowing the mail will affect the delivery of vital medications and important business communications, in turn hurting consumers. This will be especially true in states west of the Rocky Mountains and the country’s mainland extremities. At least a third of the mail in 27 states will arrive more slowly under the new Louis DeJoy delivery standards.

So Long Jeff Bezos And Don’t Hurry Back

While Jeff Bezos has stepped down as Amazon CEO, he’s also planning a short trip away from home.

The one time leader of Amazon is going into space, yes in the Rocket Shown Above… Now Thousands and Thousands of people have signed petitions asking to stay up there and not come back.

One of the biggest persona non grata cards is hosted on It states on the website, “Billionaires should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter, they should stay there.”

By the way Jeff, looks like you won’t be the first space billionaire. Richard Branson will fly into space on July 11, beating you by 9 days. And he’ll do it with much better hair.

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