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Amazon Department Stores Will Open Soon Near You

Ecommerce giant Amazon has a plan to open several large U.S.A. “brick and mortar” stores to grow its reach into areas such as electronics, clothing, household wares and more. The first Amazon department stores are said to be opening in Ohio and California and be around 30,000 square feet. Most retail departments stores average at about 100,000 square feet. Amazon private label items and other brands yet to be revealed will be sold. Amazon private label items include clothes, furniture, batteries and electronic devices all under of its own labels.

Amazon opening new department stores.
Will a newAmazon “Brick and Mortar” store be opening near you?

From Amazons beginning in 1994 as an online bookseller, later physical retail stores opened up selling a range of products including books, and with the acquisition of Whole Foods Market in 2017, high end groceries.

Will Amazon Bring Back The Department Store In A Big Way?

Once large and popular, department stores have diminished or disappeared in large part because of Amazon selling just about everything the department stores sold, only online and with free shipping available. Now, ironically, Amazon seems to be setting up camp where it drove out its competitors.

Today, Amazon is the largest seller of clothing in the U.S., beating out Walmart Inc., according to Wells Fargo & Co. Yet there are other competitors poised to stand up to an Amazon juggernaut including Kohl’s Corp and Macy’s Inc., both of which have reported strong sales recently as shoppers came to buy clothing and other household goods as pandemic fears lessened. Shoppers came into the stoes to restock their closets after reducing clothing purchases last year. Both Kohl’s and Macy’s stock have gained value in the last month.

According to John Idol, the chief executive of the Michael Kors parent Capri Holdings Ltd, “People are absolutely returning and shopping in department stores,” Amazon seems to agree.


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