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Buyer’s Guide To Poshmark

New to Poshmark? Then let me welcome you to a great platform for buying and selling fashion and so much more.

Although Poshmark started out as strictly a fashion site, it has morphed into a much broader platform over the last few years.

This section will strictly contain information to help new Poshers ( that is what we call ourselves ) and in particular buyers, better navigate the site. Sellers want you to get the most for your money, so here are a few things that will help you maximize your purchasing power on Poshmark.

Poshmark has negotiated a great rate on shipping with USPS. However in order to take advantage of that rate, you do best to purchase more than 1 item from a seller each time. WHY? Because each shipping label is good for up to 5 pounds. As a long time seller on multiple platforms I can tell you a 5 pound shipment for just $7.45 is a really great deal!

In addition when you purchase lets say 3 or 4 items from a seller in what Poshmark calls a BUNDLE, ( similar to the traditional shopping cart ) most sellers will apply a discount and even reduce shipping by paying part or all of the shipping for you.

So just how do you bundle? Easy…

Above you see a listing from one of my longtime PFFs (Posh Follow Friend). We will use this as an example to show how easy it is to bundle items. Notice the arrow. Click “add to bundle” and now the hat will be in your Bundle (shopping cart). Continue shopping in the same closet and add as many items as you like to the bundle.

Once you are ready you can view the bundle as shown here:

When you view the bundle you will be able to see any automatic discounts the seller has set up for their closet (shop) and you can send the seller a message such as “I am done shopping, do you offer any discount or free shipping”. Chatting with a seller in the bundle is a bit more private than chatting on a listing. Although bundles are not totally private!

Now that you know how to bundle let me mention one other nice feature on Poshmark. Each listing has a like button. You can use the like button to keep track of items you may want to come back and purchase. The like button is located under the item photo. Now let me explain CCO or Closet Clear Out Days. These are almost always Friday and Sunday. On CCO days sellers have the option to reduce the price of an item by at least 10% and all the potential buyers who liked that item will be notified of the price drop and POSH will also give the buyer reduced shipping on that item. The reduced shipping usually is $3.99 / $4.99 or Free depending on the price of the item. The higher the price the better the shipping discount. There are only 2 things to remember about the CCO discounts: 1st they only last for a few hours usually 6 hrs, so I encourage shoppers to log in several times on Friday and Sunday to catch these deals. 2nd the item must have a price of $10.00 or greater after the price drop to qualify, so if you liked a $10.00 item and the seller drops to $9.00 there is no shipping discount : (

There is a lot more I have to share with you about how Poshmark works. So please come back soon as I will add more post in the coming days.

If you have not signed up for a Poshmark account yet please use the link below to do so. You will receive a $10.00 credit towards your first purchase when you use my link. AND the link is good in ANY Poshmark closet not just mine!

Go to Use Referral code @RAMPLUS when you sign up for that $10.00 credit and find our new favorite things!

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